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We have been involved in the increasing autonomy of those operating companies.

The advent now of the top management positions being entirely held by UAE nationals, which is an important success story in itself.” The evolution of the NOCs in terms of capability is an exciting and interesting area to focus on, now perhaps more so than ever, with the ADCO concession up for renewal in 2014.

Abu Al Bu Khoosh In addition to the strong ties with Abu Dhabi’s primary OPCOs, the jewel in the crown of its Abu Dhabi operated assets is the Abu Al Bu Khoosh offshore field.

In 1972 the late Sheikh Zayed requested the field be developed quickly, and Total was only too happy to help.

The field has been in production for more than 35 years now and Total, says Guiziou, has been able to contribute with leading edge technology over that period of time, to achieve what is today the highest level of recovery across some of the fields in the whole region.

“In some of the ABK reservoirs we have reached 55% recovery which is excellent by any metric, and extremely high from a regional perspective.

To some extent we are already reinventing the relationship with the OPCOs and our peer companies to tackle the future challenge that will continue to change over time,” he says.“The company responded positively to the request and under that agreement the concession as it was granted then runs until 2018.ABK is essentially a single-field concession which Total has a 75% stake in.Total ABK is a 100% full-fledged operating company of Total and has full responsibility for running that field,” explains Guiziou.Today ABK produces around 120,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day, 10,000 barrels a day being oil production, and around 110,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day of gas being produced for ADNOC and partly committed to the IGD for the onshore gas network which includes provisions for ADWEA.

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