Whos dating david tennant

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Also in 2010 she played a role in a one-act play, Hens, which ran for four performances at a fringe theatre in Hammersmith as part of a fringe festival.In 2012 she landed her first major theatre role, in What the Butler Saw (which her husband David Tennant acted in 17 years earlier), playing the sexy secretary who the main character tries to seduce.Moffett began acting as a young teenager, and acted in numerous TV shows, often acting opposite her father.She was a regular on The Bill as Sam Nixon's troubled teen daughter Abi, who was featured in a number of major storylines.Since appearing on Doctor Who in 2008, Moffett has acted in the short-lived spinoff Spooks: Code Nine and made four TV guest appearances (in Casualty in 20, playing two different characters; Merlin in 2009; and a cameo in Thorne in 2010).In 2010, she landed the role of Emma in the BBC3 sitcom White Van Man, which was cancelled after two series.In 2004 she met with Russell T Davies and the producers to ask to be considered for the role of Rose Tyler, but they decided not to allow her to audition, because she was too young.

In January 2011, UK tabloids reported that they were engaged, with a wedding planned for 2012, and that she was pregnant.Georgia Elizabeth Tennant (née and credited as Moffett) appeared as Jenny, the title character of the Doctor Who story The Doctor's Daughter.She voiced the role of Cassie Rice for the animated Doctor Who serial Dreamland (using an American accent).She was born nine months after Colin Baker took on role of the Sixth Doctor, replacing her father as the Doctor.Some years later she would attend the same boarding school as Baker's daughter.

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