Who is rachael yamagata dating

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Lukas Nelson, Willie’s Nelson’s son, he’s got new music out. mxdwn: You’ve been part of this ever-changing music industry for a while now.

What do you think of all of these changes, like streaming, and where do you think the industry is going to go?

How would say the direction you’re going in compares to that of your previous records? The songs that I’ve been writing are such early drafts, that I could not tell you.

RY: It was very intentional to go for that special, unique experience and I think when venues get too big you lose that just because of physical proximity.In the past, it was a lot of relationships centered on love relationships and now it’s broadening out to a more worldly area. The road is filled with so much other stuff that I’m basically living as fully as I can on the road and then after I go somewhere like the woods or something in nature and I kinda process everything. mxdwn: Who have you been listening to lately that you think we should give a listen?RY: I love Emily King, I’m super into her right now.Sandy Bell is an artist that I just have been introduced to and she is so, I keep describing her as a David Lynch movie.She’s a friend of mine and she’s gonna open up for me in North Carolina.

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