Who is kanye west dating right now

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The rapper and designer were the stars of a spread in Harper's Bazaar that featured Kanye's swanky pad.

And Yeezy was still Yeezy, even then, describing his style as "pop luxury" (still true) and saying that Phifer "helped him get fresh." If that's true, we as the public owe her everything; the world needs Fresh Kanye.

I know it seems like Yeezy has been a Kardashian forever, but let us not forget that he had a life before Kimberly Noel Kardashian came around.

In fact, Kanye West was once dangerously close to marrying someone else. He's never been afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve, and pouring all his feelings into his albums.

The timing was just never right and they remained friends until they were able to make it work.

Then, in 2014, West and Kardashian shocked the world when they got married in Italy.

He's a family man now, but before North West, and even before Kim, there were other women in Kanye's life, though it may be impossible to believe now. And because he lives each day of his life like a work of art, Kanye would never be romantically linked with someone who he couldn't call his muse, would he? In fact, one of his most inspired recent performances was dedicated to his muses: he crushed it with the feelings while singing "Only One" at the Grammys earlier this year, a track dedicated to his wife, his daughter, and his late mother, Donda West.

Here are the pre-Kim women that Kanye knew, loved, and lost.

Alex Phifer knew Kanye back when he was just a regular dude (or as regular as a genius can be).

When Kanye West and Kim Kardashian first started dating each other in 2012, Kardashian was still married to Khris Humphries, and like that marriage, people believed her relationship with Kanye West was a publicity stunt.

Kardashian was even married two times before settling down with West and starting a family together.

"He definitely had an appreciation with the female form," Crittendon said. )Kanye and Amber Rose: It was so crazy, it ALMOST worked.

She also said that Kardashian was right for him, because she "fit into his brand." Way harsh, Tai. After breaking off his engagement with Phifer in 2008, Kanye was smitten with the hip-hop artist and model, and they dated for two years.

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