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Erica wonders about his luggage, he tells her he left Claire because she cheated on him.Ethan doesn't have anywhere to go, so Erica promises him she'll help find a new place for him. Tom that she has a ton of questions and wanted to know what happened. Tom tells her to trust him and that would she explain number 7 on the list, Secret Society.

Erica also mentions that Ethan will visit them from Montreal.

After that Erica applied for her customer service job and worked there until currently.

Walking to her job at a customer service, Erica thinks about her troublesome life. The next day, Erica has brunch with her some of her family and Judith. Tom tells her that she really cares about what other people think.

Sam went back to Josh's to get her stuff together with Erica, but faced a black-out.

They were invited into someone's apartment and went to party for awhile.

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