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As Williams pointed out in his ABC piece: "In Australia, we hide behind a laidback mentality: 'she'll be right, mate, it's only a joke'.

His sexuality doesn't matter Chris Lilley has brought new life to Australian Television like no other in recent years... His creativity and Talent has engulfed it's was to modern laid back Australian culture...

One character keeps getting his nuts out in photos and apparently kids have been doing that in schools. I always get people wanting to do a sneaky nuts shot.

It’s cool they like the show but it’s weird with people pulling their nuts out behind you.

I wasn’t allowed to visit any unless I did a drama class, and I decided against it. I was supposed to meet her at an awards show but it didn’t work out which I was relieved about.

Justin Bieber’s girlfriend is into it and Kelly Osbourne loves it. Will you write more in future rather than play all the characters yourself?

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