What makes someone intimidating

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You enjoy discussing matters of significance with people and are competent in debating your case.Despite this, you are also very happy to listen to the points of view made by others and you don’t disparage them or come across as arrogant in any way.You wouldn’t be swayed by gimmicks, hot air and promises that can’t be kept.You know what you stand for and you are passionately resolute in the way you act on your beliefs.To you, the wisdom is in being bold and taking action rather than waiting for life or someone else to make the choice for you.

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You have the ultimate belief in yourself and you don’t ever feel the need to go out of your way to please or impress others.

Instead, you use these situations as opportunities to grow and learn so that you can move forwards instead of getting bogged down in negativity. ” or “I’m so unlucky” are unlikely to pass your lips and you squirm a little bit when you hear others bemoaning the state of affairs in their lives.

You freely admit that you can’t know it all, but you always like to understand an issue in all the multi-faceted ways possible.

Things don’t always go how you want them to go in life; you know this to be true.

You don’t, however, linger on such things and pity yourself because of them.

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