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This is not a good idea to be forced to do or to agree with.

See message by Boxiydkdmhxkhdkhxkyx here: Requires total access to Contacts or must be force quit • March 15, 2016 AM @vwm "No one doubts"?

This case is fundamentally different from the Apple i Phone case.

In that case, the FBI is demanding that Apple create a hacking tool to exploit an already existing vulnerability in the i Phone 5c, because they want to get at stored data on a phone that they have in their possession.

Schneier said Whats App could only comply with creating new vulnerabilities and patching the client. The man-in-the-middle vulnerability already exists, and the client doesn't need to be changed (because the Whats App client currently doesn’t alert on certificate changes, it's not even configurationable).

We live in scary times when our governments want us to reduce our own security. Tags: backdoors, Facebook, privacy, security engineering, surveillance Posted on March 15, 2016 at AM • 231 Comments • March 15, 2016 AM @all Simply stop using Whats App or any Closed Source variants and switch to an Open Source alternative like Signal where you have more personal control over the codes you are running.In the Whats App case, chat data is end-to-end encrypted, and there is nothing the company can do to assist the FBI in reading already encrypted messages.This case would be about forcing Whats App to make an engineering change in the security of its software to create a new vulnerability -- one that they would be forced to push onto the user's device to allow the FBI to eavesdrop on future communications.Perhaps someday Verizon can see fit to offer "end-to-end encryption" that actually is.The New York Times is reporting that Whats App, and its parent company Facebook, may be headed to court over encrypted chat data that the FBI can't decrypt.

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