Validating the organizational climate measure

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The second set comprises practices that relate to employee motivation, such as performance appraisal and recruitment. People and organizational culture: A profile comparisons approach to assessing person-organization fit.

Nevertheless, some of these practices could apply to both classes.

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Nevertheless, only a few of these measures have been validated sufficiently and are available freely in the public domain. Assessing organizational culture: The case for multiple methods. Schneider (Ed.), Organizational climate and culture (pp. Climate reflects employee perceptions of practices and, in this sense, represents a subset of culture. Bond (2004) delineates some of the key features of culture. Relationships between psychological climate perceptions and work outcomes: A meta-analytic review. Second, these beliefs, values, expectations, and meanings are largely shared across members and developed over time. Third, these shared cognitions support the functioning of groups within a specific niche, facilitating protection, nourishment, belonging, respect, and purpose.

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