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After then, rub your towel hard on the underarm area not like rubbing a brick, just hard than you rub the rest of the body and when it’s fully dry, use a roll on deo before coming out of the bathroom.The roll on deo will keep you fresh and sweat free for atleast 4-5 hours if not more than that!

Are you keeping the basic bath essentials in your bathroom?Body Mist/Body Spray: Body mist smells amazing, will keep you fresh all day and comes with moisturizing properties which will moisturize your body lightly with every spritz as well as will leave a sweet girly touch of scent which stays quite long than a regular deodorant!Second option is the regular deodorant if you can’t find body mist easily, go for a girly fragrance which is floral as it feels very refreshing and calming in hot summer weather!I like taking bath with shower gels as they are less drying and has less surfactants than a soap!If you don’t use a body wash, I suggest you to start using it as they are more hydrating than soaps and comes with lesser chemicals and gentle formula which won’t dry out the skin!

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