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B 2) rather than to make all the changes for each feature release at once. The same incremental upgrade approach is recommended when upgrading from one LTS to the next.

In these cases you may have to wait until new versions of your dependencies are released.

These files must be on your system for the update to be successful.

For update paths supported for, see the Update Guide for Version 11.0.x.x or 11.1.x.x to 11.2.

You can update to the patch release using one of the following options: You can select multiple hosts to update at the same time only after updating and rebooting the Net Witness Admin server.

All ESA, Endpoint Insights, and Malware Analysis hosts should be updated to the same version as that of NW Admin Server or Net Witness Admin Server.

You must turn them on using the Resolve any deprecation warnings with your current version of Django before continuing the upgrade process.

To update Net Witness Platform to from either of these versions, you must have files for (base release), (service pack release), (patch release), and (patch release).

Even if you are updating from an 11.2.x.x release, it is possible that the base repository files could have been removed.

Not all components are changed for, so after you perform the update steps, it is normal to see some components with different version numbers.

For a list of the components that were updated for this release, see Build Numbers.

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