Updating openoffice in lenny

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Basic things to check are: presence of correct device files in will quit the debug shell and continue the boot process at the point it failed.Of course you will also need to fix the underlying problem and regenerate the initrd so the next boot won't fail again.If that fails, you will need an alternative way to boot your system so you can access and repair it.One option is to use a special rescue image or a Linux live CD.However, there are a few backports which are made from unstable: security updates, plus the following exceptions: Firefox, the Linux kernel, Open Office.org, and X. If you do not use one of these exceptions, you can safely upgrade to lenny.If you use one of these exceptions, set the ” line, and install the package with the highest version number, giving priority to the first line in the file (thus where you have multiple mirror locations, you'd typically first name a local hard disk, then ).

Some users may have unofficial backported “”, with reduced version numbers so that the upgrade path from etch backports to lenny still works.For the greatest reliability of the upgrade process, you may wish to remove third-party packages from your system before you begin upgrading.This procedure also assumes your system has been updated to the latest point release of etch.to install onto the initramfs only those modules that are required for the particular hardware that it is being run on.If you want to generate boot media that will work on more hardware than just the machine you're generating it on, you should leave the line as ” etch systems without third-party packages.

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