Updating n800 100 all laguage dating

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The flasher utility displays messages as the firmware load progresses, and the tablet reboots automatically. A tiny but very useful “hack” for the Internet tablet is to populate it with large Flash media (SD cards on the N800, mini SD cards on the N810) and use it as a USB storage device.

Nokia had the foresight to give the tablet the ability to look like a USB mass storage device to a PC when a USB cable is connected.

Lately I’ve been using it just as a music player and rarely for quick note taking or Skype over Wi Fi.

So thanks to the efforts of the Nitdroid project, I installed an Android 1.6 Donut build on my N810, hoping to get something fun to tinker with.

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Don’t get me wrong: while the browser is still slow as molasses and the battery drains quite quickly when Wi Fi is on, Maemo Diablo works, but it’s not moving and in 2011 it’s not fun any more.

I have managed to open Planet KDE on my third attempt, the first two times stuff just crashed randomly: As for Mee Go, a fellow Amarok developer says it’s slow even on the N900, so does it even make sense to try running it on the N810?

What are my options if I want a fun, fairly recent and at least a bit usable system on my N810?

That's one type of hack for the tablet, but there are many others.

The first “hack” anyone should do to the tablet is to flash it to the latest version of the operating system, if that's not been done already.

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