Updating my bose system

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this project took lots of time just to get a simple easy voodoo.i haven't been on steves in a while. im welding in a full frame narrowing in the rear axel and new frame rails to fit big fat tires out back. due to the fact that im going with full air bag suspension .anyway im glad i finished doing the system on my truck time to move on back to the nova I WANT ONE! I have been doing the exact same thing you were...researching these systems a lot.i have been so busy i am just starting to free some time up to work on my nova again. I had settled for the idea of using an audiocontrol unit and tapping into the rear speakers by the factory amp then running the signal to my amps.those new pins GM is using are so small that the tyco and molex crimpers are too the way as far as i know this wont work on luxury Bose systems .i will late do a full post on my set up .once i catch up on some quality time with my family.my truck has so many add ons from factory that i did not want to lose any of them also i do not want to cut any factory wires or harnesses that with my last car and 10 years later when i had to put it back to stock it was a pain in the butt. finally about 2 months ago i just couldn't take that lame system anymore i have tons of cool audio stuff just sitting in my closet so i decided to go ahead and put a nice sound quality "SQ" sound system together. steering wheel controls,on-star,back up sensors,warning chimes,turn signals,blue tooth, XM what i found out is that "GM" has 2 kind of Bose sound systems.1.my goal to have a "great" sounding system that just blends into my truck. the standard Bose system in about all there Bose equipped cars and trucksthe standard amp has the 3 harness plugs you see above.2Bose luxury system.

From product info, to customer service help and contact information, Bose Support can show you how to get the most from your Bose products.that one comes in GMC denali, Cadillacs,and some top of the line amp has 4 harness amp is also slightly biggeri came to find out that there is big difference between both systems besides the power.luxury system has a smart amplifier .there is a bus data line that runs from the head unit to the amp.the other companies that make adapters just want to sell you more electrical components to add to your already complicated Bose so i bought my truck brand new back in december of 09 .i have kept it stock this whole time but just hated to Bose sound system it came with.

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