Updating lead screen capture

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A series of lead capture tools can be created and metrics are gathered on each one so that site owners can compare their effectiveness.

I love how easy Hello Bar makes it to test bars and popups.

When implemented correctly, lead capture tools can be an incredibly effective way to improve conversions on your website or blog.

Obtaining valuable information about potential customers helps businesses generate sales.

It will introduce two new buttons ("Save Settings" and "Restore Defaults"), be a lot more reliable when it comes to saving your settings (so that you can save your changes regardless of the situation), and will include a new option to enable the application to automatically run when Windows starts.

They stick to the top of the page so that when somebody scrolls down the webpage, the hello bar remains visible.The issue appears to have been due to the application wanting to write to the registry key "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Run" (which is common for viruses to do) so removing that code (and, unfortunately, its ability to automatically start when Windows starts) may resolve the issue.This is a small maintenance release for those users who might have ended up with a very large "user.xml" file in their settings folder ("!This version should no longer cause anti-virus software to see the application as being harmful.I believe, by removing the option to start the application when Windows starts, that Auto Screen Capture will no longer be falsely identified as a "virus" so I've re-uploaded a fresh build of the executable binary and hopefully there won't be any more reports from anti-virus software.

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