Updating borderlands 2 0 seconds

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Well, head back to the "File" option in the top left of BLCMM.

Anyways, if you left click the little "" icon next to a folder name, it will drop down another folder, sometimes these are multi-layered and will require some clicking.

When you do rename the file or save this file as something else, make sure that it has NO SPACING in the name.

This is because you will not be able to execute it later. One file saved as something that you remember, includes your mod choices, can be added to or subtracted from, works with all mods that use hotfixes since they are considered one mod now and last but not least this mod pack can be executed. Now you need to start up your mod specific Borderlands game.

Section 1First off, this mod is packed in a 7-Zip file, this means that you will need a program that can open the Zip file.

If you do not have a program to do such, 7-Zip is free and straight forward.

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