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See fwupd for further information about installation and usage.Bios Disk simplifies the process of flashing your system BIOS under Linux. To use the biosdisk utility to create a BIOS flash image, first download the latest raw BIOS image for your system from your manufacturer's website.The easiest way to create a DOS, bootable FAT drive of arbitrary size under Linux is to mount a FAT drive under dosemu then make it bootable with the Free DOS sys command.For an alternative method, see Free DOS Flash Drive, also on the Gentoo Wiki.Finally, you may copy everything you want to flash there (BIOS, firmwares, etc).

The app will automatically download the image for you and copy it to the drive.

If using the GRUB method, choose the new entry on the list, and it should boot into Free DOS. It has worked with Lenovo laptops like the X1 Carbon, X220, X230, X260, W540, T450 and T450s.

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This image is a full disk image, including partitions, so adding your flash utility will be a little trickier: First find the first partition (at time of writing, the first partition starts at block 63; this means that the partitions starts at offset thus leaving more space for the flash utility and new BIOS image. Copy your BIOS flash utility and new BIOS image to the mounted floppy disk image.

Load the necessary modules: If the mount went without errors, copy the BIOS flash utility and new BIOS image to the mounted floppy disk image.

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