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The documentaries feature interviews from Brighton HIV advocates who share their knowledge and experiences of living with HIV.

The first video focuses on HIV diagnosis, the second on how those taking effective treatment can’t pass on the virus to others, and how, in turn, this allows people living with HIV to live a long, healthy and fulfilled life.

It also needed to be flexible,” says Judy Flaschmann, Learning and Development Advisor for the Trust.

“OCN London met that brief perfectly and they are very cost effective for a small centre like ours,” “We work with another awarding organisation for a different set of awards and the difference is quite noticeable.

So the fact I can have children – that was big news for me.

A team of final year Bournemouth University (BU) students has partnered with the UK’s leading HIV and sexual health charity, Terrence Higgins Trust, to create a three-part HIV awareness documentary called Living Positive.

Although this wasn’t our main motivation for choosing OCN London it’s a bonus.” Around 70 learners a year gain OCN qualifications with the Trust.

It offers two main programmes The training is designed to enable peer ambassadors to in turn to train young people to be sexual health ambassadors for their peer group.

The project is being led by Ollie Tunmore who is in his final year of BA Media Production at BU and is working closely with the charity to create the piece for his graduate project.But the thing about HIV is that in the end it served as a vehicle for me to examine my sexuality and take a hard look at myself. If I’m on a date and I tell the girl ‘oh god, I have to tell you something horrible, I’m HIV positive and it’s a really negative thing’ then of course she’s going to think ‘that’s horrible’.But if I present it in the right way then I take away the fear.“We do it this way because at the crucial ages when young people learn about sex they will pay far more attention to their to peers than anyone else.We have contracts to work in the Midlands, Bristol and the North to deliver this training and we work especially around hard-to-reach groups that don’t normally access services.

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