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I guess the name of the site pretty much came out and said it, but I hadn't been expecting this.

.98 later, I was trolling through the offerings of "What's Love Got To Do With it?

The very first part of this story appeared at this site by accident a little while ago when I mistakenly submitted it, so if the initial few paragraphs sound familiar that's the reason.

The entire story is here now, and I thank you for reading as well as for your patience and understanding.

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I've always considered my mother an attractive woman, but since the old man split about 5 years ago she has let herself go a bit, adding about 20 extra pounds and starting to show the effects of living until 52.

She looked good to me though, and I had long harbored fantasies about her.

So for the hell of it, I composed an ad for myself, figuring that maybe I would get some laughs for my twenty bucks. You said you're looking for somebody 18-25 and I'm 19. Mom, or Luke Warm Mama, said she didn't know how, and I was tempted to go down the hall to the computer room and explain it to her, but instead I explained how she could do it.

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I was actually happy when I went through the ads of the women of our area and didn't see my mother. *** What started off as a joke was becoming something else. I was taking my digital camera out and, after making sure that there wasn't going to be anything recognizable in the picture except for an eraser and the top of a newspaper that showed the date, took a couple of myself.

Even though I had wasted 20 bucks it was worth it to not have to worry about her trying to hook up with these losers, but then I saw her. It was bad enough that I was screwing around with my mother, but teasing her like this, combined with the fact that if I went down the hall and opened the door I might find her playing with herself while looking at the picture of that anonymous dude, was really getting crazy. Very intimate and specific pictures, and I sent them to her. I think you'll like them better than the picture on the website.

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