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As the tension rises, the attention of Mc Kinley High is shifted to a shooting at the school, trapping the New Directions in The Choir Room and various locations throughout the school.They are left to say their final words, confessions, secrets and messages to their loved ones.

At home, Brittany is trying to make amends with Lord Tubbington but claims that he doesn’t believe she’s sorry.

It was written by Matthew Hodgson and directed by Bradley Buecker.

In the auditorium, Will tells the New Directions about their competition for Regionals, including the Hoosierdaddies and the Nuntouchables, when Brittany interrupts him and tells them about her discovery of a deadly asteroid heading straight for Lima.

Later, when Ryder meets her again, he introduces himself to a confused Katie and tells her to come with him to the choir room, where he sings Your Song to her.

Despite really enjoying the performance, Katie reveals that she’s not the girl who’s been texting him these past few weeks, telling him that he’s being catfished and that her actual name is Marissa, much to Ryder’s shock and disappointment.

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