Sophos enterprise console stopped updating intimidating other

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If you will need to upgrade from 6.8.x to 6.9.x, you will need manually update process.

It will require your Net MRI has Internet connectivity.

Sophos would like to reassure users that these are false positives and are not a malware outbreak, and apologises for any inconvenience.

If you have Live Protection enabled, you should stop seeing these detections as the files are now marked “clean” in the cloud.

For example, to upgrade to 6.9.4 version from pre-6.9.1 releases (6.7.3 or 6.8.x), Pre Upgrade-v6.9-Check this patch has to be run first.

The check will identify any network services addresses that will need to be changed based on the 6.9.x reconfiguration (for example DNS or NTP server address).

If the computer is in a domain, log on as a domain administrator.

You can install an additional update manager on a computer that does not yet have an update manager installed.Infoblox Net MRI product has been really helpful to manage network environment.The post Use Network Automation Tool Infoblox Net MRI Push Configuration to Multiple Network Devices explains how to do a batch job with some clicks.It is the customer responsibility to make those changes prior to performing the upgrade.Once the check has been run, the upgrade is permitted.

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