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The suicide attacks are well known, but not the truck attack. The political tussle which existed with conflicting groups of legislators virtually made the functioning of Provincial Councils defunct.

Sumanthiran's TNA and Hakeem's Muslim Parties have been twisting arms of the Executive President, the Executive Prime Minister with the blessings of the Speaker, which culminated over 3 years, in a political tug O war.

They are planning to target some important churches. The owner of the van was identified as Mohamed Azam Mohammed Mubarak, alias ‘Abdullah', who detonated the bomb at the Kingsbury Hotel.

It is further learned that they have conducted reconnaissance of the Indian High Commission Sri Lanka and it is one of the targets for the planned attack. -Full Story- Those who planned the Easter bomb explosions used two methods of attack, suicide, and truck. The bomb in the van was a remote-controlled one laden with high amounts of explosives. -Full Story- A window of opportunity is open for the next generation of Nationalist Leaders to abrogate the Provincial Councils altogether in a New Constitution.

Located just off the coast of southeast India, Sri Lanka is an impressively large island nation with more than 20 million citizens.

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-Full Story- සංවර්ධන නිලධාරී සේවයට අයත් ස්වදේශ කටයුතු අමාත්‍යාංශය යටතේ සේවයේ යෙදෙන සංවර්ධන නිලධාරීන් 16000 කට ආසන්න පිරිසක් සැප්.

04 දින සංවර්ධන නිලධාරී සේවා සංගමයේ වගකීම යටතේ එක්දින වැඩ වර්ජනයකට අවතීර්ණය වීමට තීරණය කර ඇත.

අදාල ඉල්ලීම් එදින ලබාදීමට ආණ්ඩුව අපොහොසත් වන්නේ නම් ගම්පෙරළිය වැඩසටහනෙන් හා ග‍්‍රාම ශක්ති වැඩසටහනෙන් මෙන්ම වැඩබැලීමේ රාජකාරීවලින් ඉවත්වීමේ වෘත්තීය ක‍්‍රියාමාර්ගයක් දක්වා අවතීර්ණය වීමටද කටයුතු කරන බවද දන්වා සිටිමු.

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