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Jaine’s natural nosiness has already pinpointed a few suspects, but when Kandi is arrested, she knows she better work fast before her friend is singing the jailhouse blues. As Jaine begins snooping, the suspects begin pilling up and someone is trying to keep her quiet. Perched on the edge of a hard toilet set listening to a size 2 bimbo plagarize recipes is bad enough, but then Jaine witnesses the extent of Sue Ellen’s cruelty especially to her step children.

Can Jaine find the real killer before Kandi is charged? It looks like Jaine’s luck is changing fort the better when she receives a call from society maven Sue Ellen Kingsley. Unable to restrain herself, Jaine decides to tell the botoxed beauty where she can shove it, but the thought of leaving Sue Ellen’s overweight and shy step daughter, Heidi, alone with no allies is too much to bear.

Jaine meets a like-minded friend while shopping and is soon invited to join a weekly margarita and gripe fest called the PMS club.

She immediately takes a shine to all of the group except for the overly perky and somewhat snotty Marybeth, and looks forward to their next meeting.

Meanwhile, Jaine’s chances of landing a cushy newsletter job with a local bank is put on hold as the case carries on.

To make matters worse, so too is her flirtation with the super hunky bank agent, at least until she can solve the case.

With her generous heart and equally generous backside, how can she refuse to offer help when someone is wrongfully accused of murder?

As she begins to investigate, however, she is shocked as every member of the club becomes a suspect.The more she snoops, however, the more complicated the case becomes.And now it seems the real murder is hot on her trail.Unfortunately, however, Frenchie has a few tricks up her sleeve and in no time, she has taken over the business, threatened the jobs of her former boyfriend and his new gal pal, and placed Jaine on notice.Arriving to pitch her ideas, however, Jaine finds the fiendish fashionista stabbed with her own designer stilleto.

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