Six degrees of dating

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As your network grows you may find yourself asking, are all these people really my friends? Featured Friends lets you show off your BFFs, and sites like Facebook allow you to rank friends by who's smartest, funniest or most stylish.What actually constitutes a friend is subjective depending on your definition of the word, but most would agree it requires a certain level of intimacy you just can't achieve with 150,000 people.

The show was created by Raven Metzner and Stuart Zicherman. The series was shown in Canada on Global on Wednesday evenings prior to the American airings.Whitney and Carlos are on the hunt for new apartments, and Carlos, Anya and Steven's lives change when a friend from the past returns.Meanwhile Whitney has a rebound affair with Todd (Jason Lewis), which she struggles to keep casual, Laura meets a new man through the connecting power of the Internet, and Mae and Carlos have trouble defining their relationship — and someone winds up getting hurt.We learn that Carlos is an up-and-coming lawyer, that Mae has some hidden past she is always running from, Laura lost her husband, who worked as a reporter, in Iraq, Damian is an almost limousine driver who has racked up some substantial gambling debts, Whitney's fiancé is cheating on her but still proposed to her, and that Steven is divorced and has a son and once was a respected photographer. Laura also watched the clip of her husband dying after an explosion and goes outside to mourn.As the show progresses, however, we begin to see how the characters interact. Steven photographs her as he attempts to revive his career.

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