Shania twain dating again

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Shania recently announced her comeback single, Life's About To Get Good, her first since battling vocal issues which forced the performer to step away from the spotlight.

Speaking of the writing process for the comeback track, Shania revealed in a statement: “I was at home looking out at the ocean and I said to myself, ‘Here I am stuck in this past of negativity, but it’s so beautiful out.

If she carries on like this she might put Sam out of a job.

SHE’S used to having the red carpet rolled out for her wherever she goes – and CELINE DION has gone to titanic lengths to ensure her fans get some of her A-list treatment too.

Her success paved the way for a string of artists including Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus but now Shania, 51, is back to reclaim her title as the undisputed Queen of country music.

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The wedding has proved that in love age is no bar because the 45 year old Canadian singer and songwriter ahs married to her 40 year old lover .

The award-winning singer had already tweeted on social networking site "TWITTER" about her future plans to tie a knot with her 40 year old Swiss-boyfriend, Frederic Thiebuad with whom she has been dating for a year.

Shania describes her new spouse as an understanding and helpful person who wasalways there for her through her tough times,her break-up,she aslo said that this may be one the reasons for their friendship which blossomed into love.

Her new album proves that, and so will her acting talent.” While it might take a lot to impress Shania, Hollywood film bosses didn’t need any convincing when they cast her as Becca in Trading Paint, which also stars Transformers actor KEVIN DUNN and Game of Thrones’ TOBY SEBASTIAN.

In the film, Travolta plays a veteran racing driver drawn back to the track to compete against his son, played by Toby, in an increasingly intense and dangerous rivalry.

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