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but two African themed Busch Gardens is completely out of the question?!? The logic is that Disneyworld is a completly different style of park than a Busch Gardens park. Thanks Mo Nt U - It's always refreshing to hear that, especially from you. This is one of the most realistic parks i have ever seen! I think the city background or island background would make it look better. Just got back from there and those trains are flying! I love the screenshots of the park at night, they capture how stunning the park really is! One thing....not do: CONGO RACERS..a nice sound to it... I really like that waterfall and Amazon Racers because of how close you can get to Congo Falls. We felt this move necessary to further tie in with the central theme around Fire Lake. The opening of Scorpion has sparked even more interest in the eastern side of the park." But park officials are remaining tight-lipped on any future announcements. Pouncing over hills, Cheetah loses no speed before darting back into the jungle. I found some spare time (and know that some people have been waiting to see more). Sorry it's taken so long and this post goes on forever, but with no responses, I had to edit rather than creating a new post!

:rolleyes: Everyone's okay with a Disneyland and a Disneyworld in California and Florida... Now, if his park is somewhere in Texas, then it's a pointless duplicate, but if its in, say Washington or California, or somewhere out west, then it makes sense.... Please be reminded these are tickets for admission and do not include parking, dining or miscellaneous expenses. Sunken trenches help to hide Scorpion's 3rd inversion.

Kihara prepares riders for its first drop under the Now that we are in Hallo Weekends, I plan on frequent updates to this one. And that "red coaster" you mentioned will be debuted shortly. Why don't you try a new continent, like South America or Asia. You could have a Mayan city, Inca, Andean Mountains, you could use the black panther enclosure, some of the animal exhibits, a Brazilian rainforest exhibit. I drew alot of inspiration from that park and wanted to give my twist to it, without attempting a complete recreation of the original. Congrats on finishing the park, well it looks finished. The Entrance gates are phenominal, but as soon as you get inside, the theme drops to a very generic theme. I have only one critisism your park is busch gardens:african adventure, so what is amazon racers doing there when the amazon is in south america? Riding that 8 times in a row did not do well on my stomach. Alot of detail went into everything in this park and I feel that it's paying off. I don't really get any lag until I turn graphics up full-quality, but that's only for pictures and videos. [EDIT] Had to throw out some mad props for that poem! Coasters roars into the parks expansive collection, thrilling its first riders April 20, 2007. Crossing under, over and around itself, Cheetah provides maximum airtime on several hills!

Its been a while since we have seen a project from you. Announcements are being mailed to the media this week. I actually could see this being South American/Central American themed.. Take it for what its worth, but Busch Gardens African Adventure is what I envision a true theme park as being. I think it would've looked much better if you carried the style of the entrance gates through out the entrance area. Thanks for that, those picks looked grate, I cant wate to see the rest of the park's rides i bet there going to be amazing!! Amazon Racers found it's home at Busch Gardens African Adventure after initial designs from the park proved that a multi-internationally themed park would lose the charm of Africa. I hope you don't mind me "steeling" your ideas for my next park. omfgbbqpachyderm Did I foget to mention that I have headphones?!? I should be having a spin or fifteen on it pre-opening day, too. this probabbly means nothing to you, because everyone gives you it, but im going to give you 5 stars! Once the park is released as a download, I would not recommend you use these settings to "walk-around" with. Park officials as well as members from the media were on-hand today as Cheetah roared into the heart of coaster enthusiasts and the general public.

Further down the midway, Kihara - a B&M Dive Machine pierces the skyline. I really want to continue forward in this direction. The angle presented short-changed it (no pun intended). Kasi was also incredibly fun to ride and it had some awesome moments. I do have a complaint, It doesn't really remind me totally of BG park. I just really think you could've themed some areas better. I have only one critisism your park is busch gardens:african adventure, so what is amazon racers doing there when the amazon is in south america? I will let everyone know when it's available for download. This is remarkably genius and Busch Gardens could use another addition to their "franchise"! I'll take that suggestion and post pictures of the park's wooden coaster (not ready to be named) located in the front southeastern section of the park. I won't be able to post pictures tonight per the Marketing Department, but they have assured me that a press-release will be made tomorrow. I don't get alot of lag during normal operation, but if I bump up those graphics, watch out! I'm also a bit concerned how the station's roof is supported in pic #1... : D :up: :up: I'm not followin' you in the last pic, I don't get it. It does take time, but I'm trying to get it done as soon as possible. I like that....get's you more excited for what's next. Riders begin by climbing over the queue line towards the sky! Nighttime provides a totally different ride experience!

Guests can enjoy views of Kihara from a nearby patio eatery. The red coaster looks cool too :) I'll admit it has been awhile since I've posted (mostly due to my job at Cedar Point). But my only complaint is why would Busch build another African themed park? The "additional" Busch Gardens African-themed park is based off of the success of the Tampa Bay version. For instance, the games on the midaway looknothing llike the surrounding Country is supposed to look. This park is amazing and if it were real, would be the best busch garden park ever. i wanna see a over view picture of the park now after you added all of these rides The park is essentially finished. For the rest of tonight, I'm working on my next journey..ready to announce what that is quite yet, but I will say that it is my biggest "park" to date. Cheetah's station is supported in the same manner that Top Thrill Dragster's station at Cedar Point is supported - cantilever system. The last picture reminds me of the fake volcano in front of the Mirage in Las Vegas! :noob: Not quite that a nice facade to a new area. which is the only thing I can really make out from the screens you have given.. Cheetah navigates its second hill, immersed in the dense jungle!

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