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Hastings’ most notable contribution came in catching a game-high 10 passes for 98 yards in Super Bowl XXX, and in his contract year, he produced a career-high 739 yards and six touchdown receptions.

That was second on the 1996 Steelers, behind Yancey Thigpen, whom Pittsburgh let leave for a monster Tennessee Oilers contract in the 1998 offseason.

This also means that not every team has a second or third round pick, so the Buckeye set to announce in Round 2, may have to wait until Round 3 to make their selection.

It’s fitting that the first Buckeye to take the stage — in Nashville, where the event is being hosted this year — is Hall of Fame nominee and 4x Pro Bowler Eddie George. 51 pick for the Tennessee Titans, after spending all but one year of career with the franchise.

34 pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, but gave it up in a trade to the Colts, so instead, they’ll be picking early in Round 3.

Buckeye center Nick Mangold played all 11 years of his career with the Jets, was named to 7 (! He ended up retiring after going unsigned by the team due to age and lingering injuries, but he’s still one of the franchise’s favorite players.

Both enjoyed their best seasons in western Pennsylvania.

For the otherwise forgettable 1997 Saints, Hastings again produced a 700-plus-yard season — second to Randal Hill (also signed on May 28, 1997) — and played two more years in New Orleans.

But for Pittsburgh, it was one of the first of many similar choices involving homegrown wide receivers.

Across the country, college football fans are starting to view Jim Tressel in a new light.

With Tressel suspended and fined over 0,000 for being aware of the "gear sale," which is rapidly being known as "tattoo-gate," fans are starting to realize that Tressel may not be what he appears.

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