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The rest was to be used for my minimal tuition and book costs. Ruth took a couple of seconds to glance over my body. My friend, you have no reason to be ashamed no matter what. I may have to go and take care of this problem here," I said looking down at my still hardened cock. "Hey, the bathroom's down to the left..you can use your new room. You can sign papers afterwards if you'd like." "No, that's fine.Community College was designed for guys like me that couldn't afford a four-year degree. She was a long-haired blonde with her hair pulled back in a ponytail, and much younger than I had expected based on my phone conversation. Not huge, but I could picture in my mind's eye that they would fill up my hands. It went from just below her belly down to between the folds of her pussy. She knew I was checking her out and just stood there as I savored every second of her exposure. "Bobby, first of all, nudism isn't about who has the best bodies. I've seen longer, I've seen shorter and thinner, but you really need to get comfortable around here like that." I stood there, with a long silence. I have the money in my wallet and let's just take care of the business part now. I'll move it all over when I can get both of my parents out of the house at the same time." That seemed to please her.I'm not sure what kind of face I made, but Ruth laughed slightly at me. Look, I grew up in a home where we seldom wore clothes. However, the best way to overcome some of your shyness and discomfort is to meet it head on." "Remember, this has nothing to do with sex. You have lots of school left and if this place works out for you, you may want to stay here for a few years. They are open-minded, they're transparent, and are not only comfortable in their nude bodies..comfortable with who they are." "You're honest. I can tell by your reactions that you're considering this. If it got cold, we'd cover up, but with my parents, brother, and sister, it was just normal behavior. Even if I remarry and the guy moves in...although I don't expect that to happen, I'm very content being single..you'd still be welcome." "I trust my instincts. One thing about you, Bobby, is that you don't have a good poker face. She had known me less than an hour and had come to these conclusions. If I asked you right now to get undressed, what would you say? Religiously oppressive mother and wimpy father have made my 18 years in that den very miserable. One benefit of the job was checking in the magazine orders on Tuesdays. The owner/pharmacist Andrew Stotts, always took one of the copies and put it in the men's bathroom, hidden in the wall so the customers couldn't see it, but I knew where he kept it. Another benefit was that I was able to save enough money to finally buy a car. It had over 80,000 miles on it, but it still ran well. 18 years old and ready to get away from home for good. As long as I was at the job 3 of the days during a school week, I could use that instead of attending the P. I didn't have to work there often, thank goodness, but I was able to fill in for breaks and lunches when the ladies were gone.That was convenient since I wanted to take classes to be a pharmacy tech at that college and it was an upscale neighborhood. If you aren't glad that you did, then you never have to come back here again and you got to check out a naked woman as your consolation prize." She was smiling as she said that. If I couldn't go through with it or didn't like it, I had a picture in my head of her hot, naked body that would give me plenty of jacking off material for a long time.

There was also a half-bath with only a toilet and sink. She had demonstrated an openness that I found refreshing. "It won't take long at all before it's considered normal to you." She told me about her previous roommate. The short answer is that I'm so accustomed to seeing both men and women in the nude, that part really doesn't make a difference. I planned on leaving a nice hand-written note on their kitchen counter after I cleared out on Sunday.

I had saved up close to 2000 dollars during my two years of work. You've seen a live naked woman for the first time in your life. "If you do it quickly, it will be much easier, my friend. I'm trusting you to see me and behave." I took her advice.

I bought my car with that and I had 300 ready for rent and a deposit. I know you told me it was okay to check it out, but I almost feel guilty doing so." "Why, Bobby? I quickly stripped down with my raging hard-on pointing up at the ceiling.

Then she hit me with a big surprise..was a proud nudist and would be routinely seen around the house undressed. It was a long-term plan, but one that I was determined to carry out. "So, I'm just going to take a guess and say that you've never seen a naked woman before? One day she called Ruth to let her know that she was bringing a guy home. Although, knowing that you're probably a virgin and have never seen a naked woman before...other than Playboy..might be...let's just say..of excited. I don't want to do anything, though, to ruin your trust." "Damn, Bobby, that was quite a compliment. "Ruth, if I had been female, would you have had your clothes off from the beginning? "Bobby, you seem so much more mature than the average 18-year-old guy. "I'm not saying I wouldn't do it, but I was under the impression that my nudity or lack of it wasn't a factor." "No, it's not a factor at all. I want you to trust me when I tell you that if you do the same for just 30 minutes, you will be comfortable for the rest of your time here. Whether you get undressed or not, the room is yours." "Also, understand, I know you've not seen a live woman naked.

She made it clear that it was not expected that I do so, but that I was free to join her if I so desired. I'm not sure how I was supposed to respond." "The only response is to be okay with it. She wanted her to cover up when her friend came over. It's not that I minded covering up, it was that she expected me to do so. You're also more naïve than the average 18-year-old. Remember, if I rent out that room to you, you have no obligation or expectation of being nude. You see, nudists, as a whole, are some of the most honest people I've ever known. Despite how you were raised, you've sat here with an open mind and listened to me. She had already promised that my lack of nudity had nothing to do with my status as a prospective tenant.

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