Rules for dating the rebound guy

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Content Header .feed_item_answer_user.js-wf-loaded . One of the most common questions I come across on the Internet is “what should I do if my ex is in a rebound relationship?It would be expected that as he tries to sort this out he would from time to time have conversations with his ex.More important is that he can describe these interactions as being civil.

If your boyfriend sees you as his confidant, friend and therapist, he will treat you as such.This is sign that he is moving through the grief and loss cycle in a normal and healthy way.It is great that you care so much for the guy you're dating that you would even do research on rebound relationships.I want to focus on giving him room to heal without pressure. We talk most days during the week and see each other about one time per week. I'm admittedly hurt, and it kills me knowing his heart is not fully with me, but my goal since we've decided to see this through is to show him that I'm supportive of his need to heal; I don't judge him for where he is now; and he's free to take the time he needs while we're together work on himself.How specifically can I achieve this through my actions? Dear Callie, As a dating coach, I have found that the rules for dating aren't hard and fast.

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