Relationship tips dating a player

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To avoid getting burned, here are 14 tips to easily identify a player.We can’t walk around blindfolded and no one expects us not to notice an attractive individual when we’re out and about, but a player’s eyes are consistently wandering.[Read More...] Ever have one of those relationships that just never went away? What I love about these relationships is that a chronic rebounder is one that actually does have a shot at standing the test of … And, as you know, one of the most common pieces of dating advice or relationship advice that I have is, activate a No Contact Rule. But the truth is, the answer is easier than you think. [Read More...]There's literally nothing worse than pining for someone. At the end of the day, he won’t talk on the phone with you around because it’s probably another girl on the line.Though you’ll take what you can get, having a guy that only wants to see you at ungodly hours of the night is problematic.With this lack of detail, he clearly wants to keep his life private and separate from you. Eating a nice dinner doesn’t mean going to a restaurant but ordering from the local Chinese place.

Time is nice but at the end of the night it’s all just a booty call.When a guy wants something more than just a piece, as time progresses he’s interested in meeting your friends or maybe even your parents.If your guy has no desire to meet your friends or vice-versa, you’re probably just a temp girlfriend.Yes it’s rude to talk on the phone when you two are together but when the phone does ring, he takes the call to another room.Other times he’ll ignore the call saying it’s no one important.

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