Reed deming and beatrice miller dating queen noor of jordan dating carlos slim

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"Will Diamond White, Reed Deming, Arin Ray, Sister C, Kayleigh Pennel, Beatrice Miller, Tate Stevens, Jillian Jensen, Willie Jones, Paige Thomas, Ce Ce Jones, Jennel Garcia, and Emblem Three please come to the stage! All of the people who's names were called stood up nervously and walked onto the stage. "Don't be nervous, it's ok." I whispered and traced circles in her hand with my thumb. "So each of you performed a duet with the person you were paired with. You are all invited to the judges houses." he smiled. We ran around hugging and congratulating each other. so I didn't get to meet him :( and then the day I left California, he said on twitter he was going back. but i'm going to my one direction concert this Friday! I hope you liked this chapter and i'll try to update quicker!

You may exit the stage." Simon stated as we all went off the stage. I get a lot of writer's block while writing the x factor parts haha! the day before I went to California, I realized that reed wasn't even there anymore. I can't choose a favorite song off of the EP, but comment yours!

I smiled at how he tilted his head back like he always does when he laughs really hard.

She performed like she owned it and she was amazing. She was so good, I was scared that I won't make it.

YOU ARE READING Fanfiction When she was young, Kayleigh's best friend and neighbor died in a plane crash. But when a new neighbor moved in, he helped her get out of her depression.

It's time to perform your duet for the judges!

My heart started to pound in my chest as the music started. He'll look around the room, he won't tell you is plan.

I never really did, but sometimes I had these moments where I was and these were one of those moments. "Thank you, girls." Simon said into his microphone.

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