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There's also a recreated old town and a folk-art museum.

In peak season, the park is especially lively, with craftspeople doing their traditional things, barnyard animals roaming about, and attendants in period clothing.

The huge murals inside take you on a voyage through the collective psyche of Norway, from its simple rural beginnings through the scar tissue of the Nazi occupation and beyond.

In this impressive museum, you'll gaze with admiration at two finely crafted, majestic oak Viking ships dating from the 9th and 10th centuries, and the scant remains of a third vessel.

Highlights are the cart and sleighs, ornately carved with scenes from Viking sagas.

Oslo's harborfront hums with international shipping and a thriving cruise industry.

Upscale condominiums enjoy fjordfront settings, and people here seem to be living very well.

Nearly one in five Norwegians calls greater Oslo home.

Its streets are a mix of glassy high-rises, and — especially in its finer residential neighborhoods — grand facades.

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