Reasons for not dating a single mother Free fuckchat

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Sorry ladies, you’ve had equality for years, the facts show feminism is in fact, seeking revenge.All Premium Members get to view The Good Men Project with NO ADS.

”Not exactly words that one would consider to be nice.

Cooper claims that mothers typically have some “questionable judgment skills”, and that their bodies are “ruined”.

He also says that their children would “eat your money and destroy your dreams”.

Here’s a gal who calls Tom “an idiot” because he said, “Other guys’ kids shouldn’t be OUR problem.

Single moms are raising tomorrow’s drunks, addicts, and carjackers.” Click here to see the entire exchange or to join in the fun. Not only is it #19 on ‘s Top 100 of 2018, a bottle lists for , and I have found it by doing a little searching online for as little as including shipping.

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