Racial preferences revealed by online dating fernando vina dating

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I think the point isn't about the response rates in themselves but what they indicate.For whatever reasons they may be, black people are socially isolated. I'm guessing this is limited to the USA and hetero couples. Black women are extremely loyal to their men because of American history... My parents are an Asian Female/Black Male couple, and I've heard anti-Asian male sentiments from my mom, my aunts, my cousins... There's something in Asian patriarchy that is toxic to Asian women.I can't even blame white supremacy too much, because while, as observed, all women are tricked into finding white men the most attractive, the disparity between Asian female/Asian male relationships is the most gaping, most growing.You'd have to ask a black woman if you want further extrapolation. blame feminism and black "culture" for the crappy dating scenes of black women. We still live in the shadow of colonialism and that's just how it is. Lesbians are just coolerblack women have no standards.70% of all births in the black community happen out of wedlock.Baby mammas breeding with every low class thug for welfare is why nobody respects black women.Yeah, pretty much this though an important thing to remember is that Race is only a single factor and that a magnitude of other factors could very easily over any indiscretion one might have regarding race.

This all just isn't institutional racism because there was far more institutional racism prior to the 60s. This impulsivity to bang the nearest thug and not think about the consequences of think that making a career out of public assistance is why we're on the bottom of the totem pole.

I'm not trying to start a flame war but people need to address this.

Everybody addresses the symptoms of the problem but never the actual meat.

70% is rediculous and there are many ppl that consider this normal and acceptable "culture".

Meanwhile the single greatest predictor of success in a child's life is being raised in an intact home with a father.

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