Qt widget not updating

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As also the Qt applications created with earlier Windows versions will run nicely in Windows 10, we see that things are in good shape for the upcoming major new Windows release. The experience with Qt and Windows (8.1) has been very good so far for our app but we needed to wait for Windows 10 because of the GPS limitation in Windows 8.1 (location tracking in background is not possible), that’s why it is especially good news that Windows 10 for Qt is on a good track 🙂 One question regarding the Visual Studio requirement, until know we could only compile Qt with the Ultimate edition (2013).

Is there any chance to get it working with the Express edition?

After the final version is out, we intend to provide support for it in a Qt 5.5.x patch-level release, including pre-built binaries.

Furthermore, the first preview of the Windows 10 SDK has been released, which is valid for Windows Store Apps, including Windows 10 Mobile.

Visual Studio 2015 Community Technology Preview (CTP) has been out for a while, so we have been doing some research on how Qt behaves against that and some commits are already in the 5.5 branch, while others are still a work-in-progress.

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To learn more why we want to use LGPLv3 in Qt and what it means, please check the blog post about introducing LGPLv3 license option and licensing pages.Exciting times are ahead for the Microsoft Windows platform, so we want provide you with an update on our plans.Windows 10 is approaching and there is a large amount of improvements coming with Qt 5.5, making the Win RT / Windows Store Applications support better.Could you clarify which code is actually LGPL3 [email protected]: Qt offers an option to license all modules, including Qt Base, with LGPLv3. I’m getting sick of C , but that’s not even the real problem. NET to modern C and that’s the main reason (IMO) to open source it. I say this as a former C# fan, but I am SO glad I discovered Qt, which in turn make me like C 🙂 Well, I’ve been using C for 20 years now, but many of my younger peers are just not interested in the language anymore.

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