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In conclusion, one can say that there is a huge different between the marsupials and placental mammals, when coming to the comparison of their mode of reproduction.

The huge difference can also attribute to the fact that the two species are totally different.

Once the bill passes the United States Senate early next year, it will be up to Governor Doyle and the democratically controlled Wisconsin Legislature to appropriate additional funds so that Wisconsin qualifies for these federal training dollars.In the embryo of the marsupials which is still in the process of the development, ''female reproductive tract which is formed as the result of the arrangement of ducts is also totally different with the one which is found in the placental mammals'' (Wund and Myers, 2006: 1).Still in marsupials, marsupium or pouch develops in the females in order to nurse the young once.Milwaukee's Tamara (D-Milwaukee) is the second lead on the bill which has been endorsed by 18 additional legislators and the Wisconsin Technical College Boards Association.When the Legislature reconvenes after the holidays it is critical that it pass this legislation.

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