Pictures in chatrandom sex

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The police have limited resources, and I would wager that they are more concerned with trying to find cases of child abuse (mainly coercion, both from chat participants and unseen parties on the other side, which I would imagine is fairly common), and going after the people who are forcing or coercing children into exposing themselves on that service. Because a copy of the videos and chat log would have to be kept somehow and if chatroulette itself doesn't do it, then its highly unlikely the police have a copy right?And is possession of CP the real issue, not just viewing?I admit that I don't actually know the answer to that.Another thing to remember is that a charge is by no means a guarantee of a conviction; my personal opinion is that even the best prosecutor in the state would have great difficulty convincing a jury that a sexually oriented chat between persons over the age for giving informed consent to sexual activity (in that state) constituted a sexual offense.My question involves criminal law for the state of: DC I'm 18 and I think I sex chatted with a 16 or 17 year old once or twice on omegle.Not for more than 5 minutes (not that it would matter I guess).

The question raised by that and my previous point being, which laws would apply in such a case?

The other thing I'm worried about are all the naked minors on Chatroulette.

Can someone actually get caught for viewing child porn on that site? And about chatroulette, what I read was that if anyone would get in trouble it would be the site's owner because he doesn't put up a warning saying you must be 18 because of graphic material or something like that.

Now, if you see it and continue the contact for any length of time, your intent would surely be brought into question and what happens may be very different.

Yeah I just didn't realize that sex chatting was considered illegal.

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