Peter andre dating polly

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''I woke up one morning to discover I had become what I think is known as a love rat,'' he splutters.Gazing down at an array of lurid headlines in the red-top titles, Gould is, momentarily, speechless.Within days Jordan and her £30m fortune had fled to the Maldives, claiming she was the one who made all the money.And Peter had moved out of the couple's luxurious home. Pictures of the ''sleazy night of wild boozing, flashing and snogging'' were scrutinised and the paparazzi decided that, because in one shot Gould had his arm around the model, it had to be him. Gould, it was deemed, was the love rat.''It was utterly unbelievable,'' Gould groans.

And with eventing gold medallists Sienna Myson-Davies, Emily Llewellyn and Sharon Hunt on the books of Priory Dressage, the training and livery stables he runs in Sussex, he is, as they say in such circles, well-connected.Even his two blond sons, Oliver, five, and Louis, two, have modelled for The White Company, House of Fraser and Marks & Spencer.Yet in the past week Gould has been attracting a decidedly more populist type of publicity.Polly, it was said, rued the day they had accepted Jordan as a client. When we decided we were not going to give interviews, comments from us were just made up.We were just friends with Katie and she was and remains a valued client. It's not so much that she is outrageous, it's just that the public enhance it.

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