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9736717 number series is allocated at Jersey City, NJ.Search a specific mobile phone number from 9736717 series above.

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He said the exact same words as the others said- When he asked If I was Jewish, I said no- He said thank you and hung up- (First time I've ever been asked if I was Jewish so I thought that was odd and found this website-especially as the young man asking had a Spanish accent)Received a call asking for someone not on our call database- When I told him same, he asked for HR- When I asked him the nature of his inquiry, he said he wanted to talk to HR- I told him there was no person by that name, thanked him and hung up This company called to ask if I received a "rebate check" that was sent out for my electric and gas- It sounded fishy and WAS- When I gracefully declined, the man called me a "high maintenance woman who probably overpays for everything anyway," Can you believe it?No wonder these coward idiots can't hold down a real job, they can't even keep their stupid scam straight- Is it any wonder why - I have never been on and I continue to stay off, ALL social media, since obviously that is where they are getting basic information to begin the con This number has been calling me for weeks now- All times of the night and day- No one is there when I answer and they never leave a message- Caller ID says Vonage- Like all others, I am starting to get annoyed- They don't even speak when I do answer so I can't ask them to take me off the listthis number called my cel phone - I did not pick up the call because I did not recognize the area code - I have had several surgeries over the last months and was afraid it may have been one of my Surgeons or billing centers - however after using your "reverse" phone look up - I am glad I did not take the call - GREAT SERVICE - THANK YOUThis # call me many time from early morning to midnite make an appiontment for massage, but never show up- Guess he is a retire old person, play game with masseurs, If you get call from this number, don't pick up, full of dirty words Some guy called me from this number and was with a foreign accent trying to tell me that my loan application was approved for up to , and would not tell me where he got my name or number from- Every time I asked her where he got my number from he ignored the question and kept on saying do you want the loan, do you want the money,he made me nervous so I told him I was going to report him to the Federal Bureau of Investigations- He never hung up he just kept asking me if I wanted the money- Said he was from some Cash Advance place- I wound up hanging up Called twice, first time there was weird message about "I just called another customer on real estate" and second time it was breathing sound, no words- Sounded extremely weird- Just blocked this number so I don't get those calls I just got a call on Thursday from this number- I don't p up on numbers I don't recognize- Sounds like another scammer- The caller ID says unavailable-I'm doing to start reporting all these numbers I get on this internet location to help other folks w the same problem*laughs* Carlos has been busy- Same scam, only this time using my wife's Woman's Day subscription- How and why are these scamsters being allowed to continue their operations?I've filed a complaint with the FTC, and included a link for those who may care to do the same-www-ftccomplaintassistant-gov Consumer_Home-htm I got a call from someone from Cross Border Crime Forum, Public Safety Canada a couple weeks ago- Woman had a very thick Asian accent- She told me my computer has been sending emails to their office- I had no idea what she was talking about- I asked her how she knew it was coming from me- She gave me my home address (but not my email address)- She told me she was calling from the Brampton office- After asking her repeated questions, she hung up- Did * and number was ,)- Today I got a similar call, from a man this time, who said his name was John Miller- I like what DGuy wrote and would like to repeat same,judging by this guy's accent, I would be surprised if he ever met a John Miller He too was calling from Brampton- He proceeded to tell me that my computer had been hacked by people in California and Mexico and that he can walk me through how to correct this problem, since I'd been ignoring the pop up instructions his office had been sending me- I asked him what email address he'd been sending them to, he said the messages come through as pop ups on the bottom right hand corner of my screen- Huh??Also received identical calls as well as the exact same responses when you return the call from the following numbers: Aug , at : am Aug , at : pm Aug , at : pm Aug , at : pm This number is from Med Tech- DO NOT request info from them unless you are % positive you want to attend that school- THEY WILL CALL AND HARASS YOU NONSTOP I have requested them to stop calling me countless times and I still get phone calls multiple times a day BEWARE They also call from this number I got the same thing, called my cell over times total- Finally talked to the person and said to take me off the calling list- If they call again guess I will have to use the reporting function through the national do not call list : SThis number makes me mad I don't know who is texting me but it's telling me that my husband is being unfaithful to me and all it does is make us fight I would really like to know who is in back of all this text messages Monday through Friday I get calls about every - minutes from this number to my fax number- I hope they enjoy listening to the fax squeal- But they just keep calling and calling which shows how stupid and aggressive they are DPP on August , She also called us June Just got the records today to track down the phone number, phone calls in about hours She continually asked for the financial adviser and then would say I will have bad Karma for asking her not to call anymore, It got to the point that she was tying up all lines- Then she started talking in a more threating verbal manner- What can be done to get the company figured out?This number called my brother's cell phone who lives several states away and said it was for a court summons for me, using my maiden name-I can only find one post about the number and the other post says about the same thing- I think it's a scamjust got a call from a guy named George with a very heavy hispanic accent saying he was from Mercedes Benz certified dept- Obviously he's not from there after I told him the call was all full of bologna & that he should not call my number again- He quickly hung up after that A guy called from "auto protection department"- Started yelling and asking to verify my "information" (name, address, my mileage)- He threatened that this is a "last call" and they will "close my file"- Definitely a SCAMCalled my new cell phone # but wouldn't tell me who they are or where they're from- I hung up then called the number back- It asks if you'd like to be on a do not call list- I pressed # to affirm- They called back- I am on the national do not call list- I now have performed my task and will be reporting them to the government Caller ID says UNAVAILABLE- So, I get a call from this number every single day for the past weeks- I finally did the research and found out that it is from Future US which is a magazine subscription company- I let my subscription to Crochet Today magazine lapse because I did not find it useful- I was of course bombarded with email and mail renewal requests that I did not respond to because, I did not want to renew it- Then I guess they sic their phone service on you to make you renew- Hey-I thought I was clear when I didn't renew months ago that I do not want this magazine-I don't need a daily call to try to "win me back"- That just has the opposite effect- Now I am SURE I do not want to renew- I sent them an email asking them to quit calling- They call anywhere from am to pm every single day-weekends included- www-futureus-com go to the SHOP area and see if a magazine you let lapse is there and you'll know why they are calling- Then you have to go to that magazine to contact them and get them to quit calling you I believe these guys work for Sprint - they will not say anything unless you say "Hello" first neither will they leave a message due to the collections nature of the business- They really hate it when you answer the phone and put it next to the TV speaker Spam from Orlando , FL- An operator (outsourced) says there's a caller waiting to communicate with you via operator, by using a keyboard- You are to respond to the caller's questions via the operator and vice versa- A load of BSRegarding calls without messages before the start of business from () -: From the FTC-gov website: Can a debt collector contact me any time or any place?

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