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One of the most famous cities in the world and a global capital of culture and business, New York City is also a highly important center of higher education.There are over half a million students in NYC, and more than 100 universities and colleges, of which an impressive 10 are included in the latest QS World University Rankings®.On the poster, he describes himself as “slightly endowed with a big heart” and “PTSD free,” offers a “complimentary Uber ride home” and lists his Instagram handle.Ned posted the fliers in Soho and the West Village that were close to modeling agencies and boutique gym studios.Based in arty Greenwich Village, with no walls or gates, the university is, as it proudly states, “in and of the city”.

She was sitting in her apartment in Fort Lee, NJ, when a friend sent her a photo of Ned’s flier. “He has a good sense of humor and he’s just so easy to talk to,” she says. And the former Army Ranger was sick of dating apps. I don’t think it was good for my self-esteem,” he says.“I feel like Tinder is based so much based on pictures, and you’re not given a fair shot . So with the help of a classmate, he created a tongue-in-cheek flier looking for a “photogenic” and “not ratchet” date.Based in New York’s trendy downtown, and with tentacles spread throughout the city, NYU is a world-class university in its own right and boasts one of the world’s most dynamic environments for arts, music and culture.Whereas Columbia offers the relative seclusion of an Ivy League campus experience, NYU places students in the heart of the city.

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