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After her friend left, she remained in the living room with her dad.

Both of them sat down on the couch watching a movie when the horny slut accidentally grabbed his cock while trying to have some popcorn.

We had never tried anal sex but at this point my girlfriend was ready.

When I put it in her butt, I was just instantly enlightened.

He knows that he shouldn’t do that and that it’s his dad’s wife that he would be having sex with, but he just can’t resist her.

The MILF is just so sexy with her blonde hair and huge tits and that just makes her completely irresistible.

But the best part came after that when I rip the butt flap of her pajamas open.

She pushed her amazing ass out towards me and I slid my cock inside of her juicy tight cunt.

The mom just hopes that her husband doesn’t walk in on them.

She looked at me and begged me to keep fucking her ass.

The tightest, most enjoyable asshole ever, I could feel myself holding on because I was about to cum immediately.

Some stepmoms help their sons get over a breakup by talking with them.

Some stepmoms decide to instead give their stepson some cash so that he can go out and party to meet a new girl.

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