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In a recent analysis ranking each state’s likelihood of surviving an apocalypse, Idaho ranked fourth, largely due its residents high level of physical activity, gun ownership, and survival skills.Idahoans are tough and they can handle any challenge that gets thrown their way.They’ll never run from a relationship problem, they’ll have to guts to stick around and fix it.If you’re dating an Idahoan, you’ll never have to worry about having food on the table.Most out-of-towners don’t realize that Idaho is nowhere near the Midwest, it’s actually a pretty mountainous state, meaning there are awesome ski resorts like Sun Valley.

They’re very family-oriented and they aren’t afraid to show that they care about the people close to them through their actions.If you’re dating an Idahoan, this laid back approach towards is sure to rub off on you, too. They know it’s awesome and they don’t want it to change.This makes them a bit scared when out-of-towners move onto their streets, they know it’s just the first step to over populating their beautiful land.Just one of many unique dates your Idahoan sweetheart can take you on, nothing makes for a more relaxing time than heading to Mount Hood National Forest to pick some huckleberries.Plus, there’s a good chance your Idahoan will bake you a pie with the day’s pull when you eventually make it back home.

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