Niche speed dating

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Because this is an evergreen topic and in many ways, a “hungry market”, I think this niche, or a subcategory of this niche could be a winning affiliate marketing business for just about anyone. I searched for “online dating affiliate programs” and turned up almost nothing.

Once I started searching for programs from specific companies I had much better better luck.

Comments: I guess I'm not representing the online dating scene very well with my top 3 picks, since 2/3 are sex focused. All the numbers listed above are based on which part of the program you join, so I don't think you can pick ALL of them. The keyword tool I use takes data from a variety of search engines, not just Google.

Remember that Bing Yahoo own 30% of the search market.

Online dating is not an easy niche to get started in, but it can be extremely profitable. If not, you should consider joining a community of affiliate marketers just like you that are learning how to build a website, drive traffic to it, and make money from it! It’s a very supportive place, where people share ideas, create tutorials for each other, and even critique each others website. Great to finally meet you, and I hope you enjoyed this post.

But those are just extras, and the real attraction of this community is the comprehensive affiliate training, starting from Step 1 (choosing a topic), all the way to social media, content creation, PPC, outsourcing, and scaling. My name is Nathaniell and I'm the owner of One More Cup of Coffee.

I'm not sure if you could build a whole website based around affairs, but regardless of where you stand morally on the topic, there's some money to be made here. But seriously, I included this one because it was the only affiliate program with recurring commissions, and 55% is very high. Though Google’s Keyword Tool has improved in recent years, it still gives inflated (inaccurate) traffic numbers.

I would have liked to find more recurring commission affiliate programs, but that doesn't seem to be standard practice in this niche. Comments: This is clearly one of the most well known brands out there, and a long established site in the online dating niche.

They pay good commissions and have a detailed affiliate agreement which I think is reflective of how serious they take their affiliates (as opposed to some others listed in the “other” section below.

This is a tough call – I know how I would personally do this niche, but I don’t know which path is going to be best for you.

There are a lot more affiliate offers than I’ve listed in this post.

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