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Inside the chests of many of the dolls, Moskvin had embedded music boxes.

There were also photographs and plaques taken off of the gravestones, doll-making manuals, and maps of local cemeteries strewn about the apartment.

Whether the story is even true is beside the point by now, as his disturbing thoughts would go unchecked for more than 30 years.He attributes his obsession with the macabre to a 1979 incident when the historian was 13.Moskvin shared this story in , a weekly publication dedicated to cemeteries and obituaries, to which he was an avid contributor.They were en route to the funeral of 11-year-old Natasha Petrova and dragged young Anatoly along to her coffin where they forced him to kiss the girl’s corpse.Moskvin wrote, “I kissed her once, then again, then again.” The girl’s grieving mother then put a wedding ring on Anatoly’s finger and a wedding ring on her dead daughter’s finger.

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