My ex is dating an ugly girl

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You did your best to be the man Crazy claims she wants you to be and then she pairs up with the kind of man she claims to not want.This is frequently a post-divorce WTF moment for many men.

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The more you give Crazy what she says she wants, the more vicious, angry and/or withdrawn she becomes.If and when they ever wake up and realize they’re being abused, they start looking for answers. They begin to understand that no amount of patience, love and understanding will end their wife’s or girlfriend’s abuse, they cannot “save” or “fix” Crazy, that they have issues of their own to address – particularly their willingness to tolerate abuse in a love relationship – and that it is necessary to have personal boundaries and limits in love.Some men, sadly, will get bad advice from female-biased, enabling/apologist therapists, ministers, family and friends to be even more patient, understanding and vulnerable with their abusers and, essentially, to continue to allow their female abusers to keep abusing them and their children. Downgrade to another professional victim/abuser/loser. Sometimes, this manifests in the classic narcissist-borderline pairing, which actually works.Nice Guy Mistake # 2 The second biggest and most common mistake Nice Guys make with Crazy is believing Crazy’s damsel in distress – professional victim shtick.Crazy doesn’t want to be rescued, she doesn’t want to be better if it means she has to do the work to get there and Crazy definitely doesn’t want you holding her accountable and pointing out how she creates most of her problems herself.

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