Mccauley culkin dating

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Culkin and Song are both starring in Green‘s upcoming directorial debut, Macaulay Culkin Gets Matching Tattoos With Goddaughter Paris Jackson: See the Pics "They all looked super comfortable together and like they were having a great night out," the source says. Everyone was lovely, we just got to go to Thailand and hang out with our best friends for five weeks."Culkin and Song first sparked dating rumors when they were snapped at celeb hot spot Craig's in Los Angeles in July.Culkin, 37, and Song, 29, clearly had fun together riding the amusement park rides, including roller coasters Ghost Rider and the Silver Bullet. Seth directed and wrote and starred in it, and this has been in the making for the last seven years, so he made it happen, it was incredible -- it was like, together so they had been friends forever, so I think that's probably how he got [him] in, but it was a wonderful experience," she said. However, Song declined to comment on the romance rumors on Friday.Celebrities often have a weird dynamic when it comes to fans.On one hand, fans are literally the backbone of celebrities’ fame and success: you can’t grow famous if no one cares about watching you!People across the world love to read about celebrities.They help bring our favorite movies and TV shows to life and create the kinds of characters that we spend our entire lives talking about. Well, as it turns out, your parents were wrong: more is better."Parkgoers said they were very cute with each other holding hands and very affectionate," the source says."Looked like they were having a great time."Culkin appeared to be on a double date with his close friend, actor Seth Green, and his wife, Clare Grant, according to our source.

However, this is not the case at all: the two stars dated for over eight years, starting way back in 2002.

That’s exactly what happened with Macaulay Culkin and Mila Kunis.

You probably think you already know all you need to know about these two: she’s happily married to Ashton Kutcher and he’s busy keeping a low profile - minus some surprise musical performances.

Interestingly, this was a time in which both stars were about as famous as they would ever be.

Macaulay Culkin’s career famously peaked early as he starred in , which started in 1998 and was basically at the peak of its own fame in 2002.

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