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Beneath this funny-man persona however was a loyal and dedicated friend.We cannot conclude now that the social butterfly Trent would not be seen on our screens in some years to come. Who would not be excited to see all four Olsens on the big screen?The producers were immediately charmed by the unfazed Olsens, and in short order they got the job." That's some fluke.Most baby accidents involve forgetting a change of diapers, or a tumble off the changing table. They cooed their way into a television role that would make them worth 0 million Considering the fact that they were barely alive for an entire year, it shouldn't have been a surprise that the baby actresses weren't total professionals. They brought in a couple of unattractive redheaded kids. [Producers] were like, all right, get the Olsen twins back.Years later, when Lizzie was in high school, a passion for the craft began to bud.Thanks to her drama teacher, she began considering a career in acting.The younger Olsen female had rocky beginnings as an actress.

All of these discouragements practically phased out as the taller Olsen sibling landed her break out role as Martha in Courtney Scarlett Olsen (half-sister, born to David and Mc Kenzie Taylor Olsen) Year of Birth: 1996 She does not exactly look like the other Olsen sisters but is definitely not stalling when it comes to being at the top of her fashion game.

This was one big issue for Jarnie; she was worried about her twins not having a normal childhood surrounded by fame.

Her mind was changed quickly after the producers of Full House proposed a huge salary raise.

The two shared the part so producers had a workaround for strict child labor laws, and apparently the whole thing happened by accident thanks to their mom Jarnette Olsen being friends with a casting agent.

folks to bring the girls to audition for the role of Michelle (infants only work about twenty minutes at a time, so twins give you forty minutes).

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