Macro consolidating workbooks

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If you are happy with you workaround, then that is fine. You can fill any string variable with almost any name at any time in a code.

But generally it is regarded as very bad practice to use that sort of Error handler. Like: If you have a bucket and fill it with sand or water or even something disgusting then it effects no one or anything until you use it somewhere. Screen Updating = True End Sub I got an error on: Set w Bk=Workbooks.

The first three put the file name in the 4th 5th and 6th cell in the worksheet. Is it possible to make the macro pick up the name of each workbook it copies from so that I can identify where each tab has come from? Alan Elston Refh t t p : / / w w As I said, The most likely cause of that error is that VBA has failed to found a worksheet with the name "IRS"The fact that you say …“I am actually able to pull in the "IRS" tab, however the code keeps looping where running thru that same "IRS"code line by line the code and will not continue to further script” … Second: At that code line point you have not yet „pulled in the "IRS" tab “. Paste Range -error here (424 )My File = Dir Loop End Sub Hi Krishna Priya, In some situations . Possibly this means that the Excel Clipboard is used in this case.

In that case you need to take a different approach. Screen Updating = True End Sub When you run the macro you are also asked for the name of a worksheet to copy from each matching workbook. File Dialog(mso File Dialog Folder Picker) With fldr . Try a Google search with, for example, VBA Merge worksheet ranges If you need specific help, it would probably be best to give specific reduced size sample data showing what you have and what you then want the code to give you from that sample data. Close Filename = Dir() Loop End Sub Very explicit and helpful. I am trying to copy a specific cell (same in each workbook) from about 2700 other workbooks into a single excel sheet. Hi, I Have found this tool very useful, but would be very happy if you could resolve an issues that is troubling me a lot. Hi Allen, I want copy specific workoutsheets from various workbook but the file path will get change every week how can set path and copy the worksheets for example: for first we want get work sheet from folder1 for week 2 we want get sheet from folder like folder will get change how to set source path by form setup Hi Allen, I am looking at combining data from selected cells from Many Workbooks. I cannot use any of the standard Data/Consolidate type of functions. This script works almost as I need for an important project. I wish to open all in EXCEL, copy the sole worksheet of each into one workbook consisting of 200 worksheets.

The following macro, Combine Sheets, is interactive in nature. Provide a name, and if such a worksheet exists in the workbook it is copied to the beginning of the current workbook. Range(Cells(erow, 1), Cells(erow, 7)) My File = Dir Loop End Sub Hi Kass What exctly is the path that you have entered? It might be more appropriate to ask such a detailed question in an Excel Forum such as Alan Hi, I need to modify the code in such a way that ; I will be specifying the work book names which are to be opened " and also the sheet to be copied from them in particular cells ( from where i am running macro). Sub Get Sheets()Path = "C: Temp Asia"Filename = Dir(Path & SY.xlsx")Path = "C: Temp EMEA"Filename2 = Dir(Path & "LN.xlsx") Do While Filename "" Workbooks. The output I am looking for is: Workbook Name - Copied Cell I have tried to design a macro but I just started using it 3 days ago so I can barely understand the coding. Only drawback with this tool is that it can't collect the data that is hidden. Example: Copy data from A2 C5 and D10 and paste the same on A2, A3, A4 of the consolidated workbook. I don't want multiple copies onto one new sheet, I want to incorporate the changes from the other sheets into a master sheet, i.e. I have 200 csv files which currently I open manually in EXCEL 2010. Each of the 200 workbooks' worksheets has a different name and none is called Sheet1. Is there a modification of the vba that will allow me to do this?

It asks you for several pieces of information, and then adds worksheets to the workbook based upon your responses. If you prefer not to create your own macro for combining worksheets, you might consider the RDBMerge add-in created by Excel MVP Ron de Bruin. Also I dont want the sheet to be copied as such in the new workbook, I want the some "range of cells " to be copied to the "active sheet'( again specified range :( Very Informative and helpful. I am trying to copy the 2 excel into a single excel from different location from the same system. Open Filename:=Path & Filename, Read Only:=True For Each Sheet In Active Workbook. i.e., in case if any filter is applied, it collects only the visible data. bcoz i need to select 2 @ 3 sheet from each of 3 different workbook using wildcard. Sub getsheets()Path = "C: New folder"Filename = Dir(Path & "*.xls")''filename2 = Dir(Path & "LENGTH_CABLE_NY32 FBOM_V1B_ENGLISH.xls")''filename3 = Dir(Path & "LENGTH_CABLE_NY32W FBOM_V2_ENGLISH.xls") Do While Filename "" Workbooks. Thank you Hi Allen, my query is similar to Nida's, I would like to list the information from one specific sheet in multiple workbooks onto one "master" sheet in a "master" workbook.

If you have any suggestions pls let me know Hello Louise, It is very easy to do what you want using Allen Wyatt’s routine, since the name of the file from which the worksheet comes is in the variable s Fname. We cannot advise unless you give us much more details and information of your problem._2b) One Advice help can be… Paste Method )Alan Hi, I'm using the code below: It worked for me in excel 2013 to combine multiple workbooks first sheet to one master workbook but only difficulty which i'm facing is that the exact format is not pasting i.e.plain text is getting copied instead of rich text .

(This is because Dir( ) returns the file name, ( if it finds one) )So try any of these code lines, or variations of one of them to suit you. If you mean that it errors and gives the debug window: ? Good morning Doc Elstein, I really couldnt figure out why this kept looping, there was only one workbook open with the names IRS, TRS, CDS..i only went to using that error handler message out of necessity...i was able to complete the project using that workaround and im happy with it..the future i will definitely seek you out concerning new codes. Sheets(1) The use of the _ is just for convenience , or rather personal preference, as some people like to spread out the text of a single code line over more than one line . I am not sure of the exact effect, but I expect all or most formats may no longer be available after the workbook is closed. The background color of the cell and font is not being pasted.

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