Luke wikson seriously dating

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His brother Luke initially discovered Owen and was reported to have been the one who called police.Other sources report that it was his older brother Andrew who made the 911 emergency call.Supporters of these opposing views express their feelings in forums across the Internet, on sites like yahoo answers etc.So, people talk and talk about the crooked nose with the bumps in the middle..In any regard, both brothers were scared for Owen’s life and concerned for his wellbeing.Eye-witnesses later saw Owen being wheeled out of his home on a stretcher with a wrist covered in bandages.

Plastic surgeons may spend time making presentations about how Owen Wilson’s nose would look after the ‘bumps’ have been removed, but the guy ignores all this.

So, if he had to blame someone, it would have to be his Irish-American parents!

The thing about the Zoolander star’s nose is, not only that it’s long, but also that it looks like someone has put a bit of tape over it and made it look ‘broken’. The poor guy broke his nose many times in the past and is now in a place where he goes to interview, only to have reporters ask him things like, whether he was born with this nose, when did he break it, how did he break it and so on…He makes it a point though, to make sure not even one picture finds its way to the press, that shows him with his nose as it was before he broke it.

During an interview with the Los Angeles Times back in 2001, he said: ‘You know, probably my nose wouldn’t have been that great, even if it hadn’t been broken’.

He certainly feels reluctant to do so and maybe he’s right.

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