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If you’re a Libra and you feel complete around other people, then you are ready to feel complete around your partner.

Make sure that you feel complete both together and on your own. If you have reached a point where it’s okay with you if the other side has the final word, then it means you’re ready for a real mutually supporting relationship.

This is a very powerful sign that you are ready to share your life with somebody.

As I have mentioned earlier, Libras are often insecure. If you feel that you can live life with a tremendous amount of honesty, this means that you can honestly share your emotions with that special someone. One of the most common ways people lie on an emotional level is to hold back. It’s okay for two totally different people to be in a relationship.

If you’ve noticed that you’re able to come to conclusions when it comes to relationships, this is a powerful sign.

If you find yourself being able to speak your mind and being at peace with it, then it means that you are mature enough to get into a relationship with The One.

If you find yourself going out of your way for your friends and other people in your life, this means that you have overcome your natural selfishness.

Can these two learn to embrace each other with each other's faults and bring fulfillment to each other's lives. On the other hand, Leo is gracious, magnanimous, aristocratic, helpful, confident, and charismatic on his/her good days.

But still, let's explore some more of the Leo and Libra compatibility before we raise a toast to astrology and play matchmaker with all our Leo and Libra friends. While Leo is a fire sign ruled by the magnanimous Sun, Libra is an air sign ruled by the serene Venus. While the Sun represents the masculine powers and bestows goodwill, kindness, and optimism, Venus represents femininity and bestows the perception of romance, nurturing, and diplomacy.

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